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PTAF just released their new video for Boss Ass Bitch on VEVO



Now this is how I want my Monday morning to start! Yaaasss!!!!

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Things Kboys/Kgays say #26

STL: Did you hear? Tyra Banks is in Seoul!!!
뽀로로: What bank?
뽀로로: What’s that?

Sometimes I wish my boyfriend would get his nose out of his books and read a little pop culture @.@ I like my celebrity news ㅠㅠ
Speaking of, did you guys see Britney’s hot body??? She’s in Hawaii now $.$

Google backs Korea’s 15th gay festival

Well would you look at that!
Korea needs to take note and get their shit together!
Hopefully Google won’t just put their logos on the banners, but actually get involved in making a change in this country!

"Love Conquers Hate"

Anonymous said: Do you have a photo of you and Pororo up? I'm a kinda new follower so I don't know much about this blog and everyone else seems to know how he looks

Technically I’m an anonymous blogger. There are no pictures of me on this blog, and there are no pictures of my boyfriend on this blog.
People know what we look like because 1) I’ve actually met them 2) we’re friends IRL 3) we’re Instagram friends 4) people reveal each other to their friends via mutual FB friends

A girl once threaten to post my facebook profile on her tumblr, but she did’t have the hart for it. Idk what she was hoping to achieve.

Anyway. Sorry bro, no picture.

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I spent more than an hour last night going through the #cockinasock hashtag on instagram. 

It was amazing. So many guys with a hot body @.@

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Today I’m serving up fish realness and slaying you hunties.

(I have no idea what any of that means, but today I’m loving the weather, which means tighter clothes and no coat)

Now sissy that walk

omgkoreawhyyy: rule of thumb, if you’ve only heard the Beyoncé story once, then you need to re-evaluate your friendship with me! Haha. Value in friendship = how many times you’ve heard about Beyoncé touching my hand.

OMG, this reminds me, have I told you about the time when Beyoncé ran past all the basic Korean bitches and only touched MY hand!!???!!!

Anonymous said: If tumblr was US Weekly, you'd always be on the cover. STL, I think you are an amazing guy. I wanted to know, as a "gayfrican", what has been some of your highlights of living in Korea. You've been there a while, I'm sure you have many.

Hahaha people that use Mean Girls quotes are my kind of people! I love it. And maybe I agree? @.@

Highlights? There are just too many. When you live abroad for the first time in your life, everything seems like a highlight.
But, off the top of my head:
1. Beyoncé touched my hand while singing Halo “to me”
2. Hiking up the Great Wall of China
3. Traveling to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Phuket, Boracay and of course Korea (these were just the enjoyable travels)
4. Going to the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix in Korea
5. Meeting the people I’ve met. The good ones, the bad ones, the exes and of course my 뽀로로

I think if I were to sit down and make a list, it would be a comprehensive and extremely long list. I’ve been very fortunate with my experiences living abroad.

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Anonymous said: When did you become a food blog?

*Posts one picture of food, becomes food blogger*

Didn’t realise I was THAT famous *swag*

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I think I found a slice of heaven in Hongdae! This shit was legit! The Oreo chocolate brownie was by far the best dessert I’ve had in Korea. And the apple pie was orgasmic! One bite and your eyes are rolling back into your head!

Between this place and Fell+Cole, I see no reasons why anyone wouldn’t want to live in Hongdae @.@

Zera’s Cafe (서울 마포구 와우산로13길 21)

The Kboy that was working there on Sunday is BEAUTIFUL. Your reaction to these photos, times 2, is what you’ll experience when you see him. lol